What is the Grange?

A Grange, first and foremost, is a group of passionate people dedicated to serving their community, and thereby making the world a better place. Here in Aromas we are fortunate to also have a Grange Hall, a friendly, beautiful facility where Grange members and other community organizations can meet and gather for all kinds of events and activities. At the state and national levels, the Grange is a non-partisan political lobbying organization, historically focused on protecting the rights of farmers and other small landholders and giving them a political voice. In California the Aromas Grange is partnering with other action Granges to help revive the Grange statewide and nationwide, and restore the larger Grange institution to its populist roots. Click here to see the website of the newly reorganized California State Grange. In Aromas the Grange is the heart of our active, thriving community. If you want to know what’s going on in town, come join us and find out! We meet on the second Friday of every month, with a fabulous potluck dinner starting at 6:30; the business meeting starts at 7:15. At the Aromas Community Grange we:

  • Host fun events like concerts and movie nights
  • Sponsor community dances and special events
  • Help those in need with Neighbors Helping Neighbors food giveaways, free senior luncheons & winter jacket project
  • Raise money for scholarships through the Teressie White Memorial Scholarship Foundation
  • Provide space for meetings, events and fundraisers for local non-profit organizations
  • Hold Town Hall meetings and Candidates Forums
  • Engage in grassroots organizing around important issues of common concern
  • Support our local schools
  • Have fun while making a positive difference in our community

A Brief History of the Aromas Community Grange:

The Aromas Grange #361 was formed in 1913 in a small community in the central coast region of California by 25 charter members. The original name of the community was Vega, but it was changed to Aromas in 1918. It is the sixth oldest existing Grange in the state. The Grange secured a library for the town, fought to establish a railroad depot and was instrumental in starting the Fire Department, raising money to buy the first fire truck. Members of the Aromas Grange sponsored the first Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and 4H Club. Youth activities are still supported by and carry on meetings at the Grange. The Aromas Grange became one of the first “Action Granges” in California in 2001—a new format for the new millennium—and adopted the name Aromas Community Grange. Action Granges were given leeway by the National Grange to forego much of the ritual and formality that was practiced in traditional Granges. Action Granges were given a mandate to create new programs and new approaches that would better serve their local communities, draw in new members and ultimately revitalize the Grange movement. We took them at their word. In addition to the Scouts and 4H meetings, the Aromas Community Grange now hosts weekly Yoga  and Tai Chi classes, monthly Swing Dances, and a concert series. We formed two separate non-profit organizations, the Teressie White Memorial Scholarship Foundation and Neighbors Helping Neighbors, so that our charitable activities could benefit from the tax-deductible donations of 501(c)3 status. The Aromas Grange also sponsors Town Hall meetings and Candidates Nights to keep people informed about issues of concern, facilitate problem solving at the community level, and encourage people to be active and involved. We feature our own “Aromas Live!” variety shows twice a year to bring people together just for fun and to celebrate the incredible abundance of talent in our little town. The Aromas Community Grange has evolved into a cornerstone of the community. We welcome all and hope you find our community welcoming to you.