Upcoming Events at the Grange

Dear Community,
Though we've seen no cases of COVID-19 in Aromas, as a precaution, we are suspending all meetings at the Aromas Grange through the end of March, including the meeting this Friday, March 13, and the breakfast at the Grange on March 29th. 
The only exception to this rule will be the Fruits and Vegetables Distribution on 3/17, which will take place in the parking lot rather than the Hall.
In the meantime, consider staying connected with the community through social media. We will be posting updates on the Aromas Grange Facebook page, including information about a community care network to meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us during this time: https://www.facebook.com/aromascommunitygrange
Please see HERE (English) and HERE (Spanish) for important updated information from San Benito County Public Health Services, and the following message from our fearless leader, Grange President Lynn Mello:
Dear Aromas Community Grangers:
Please see these more aggressive measures from San Benito County Public Health Services to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We can all do our part to protect ourselves, our community and our vulnerable brothers and sisters.  The Grange took this kind of action in the 1918 influenza pandemic.  We now do it again some 100 years later.  We apologize for any inconveniences these measures may create. The health and safety of our Aromas Community Grange members and the community are our highest priority.
Stay strong and stay vigilant.  Call your health care provider with any concerns you may have.
Lynn Mello
Aromas Community Grange #361
Looking forward to gathering together again in good health in the near future.
My best,
Rachel Wohlander
Aromas Community Grange #361

Welcome to the Aromas Community Grange

A Grange, first and foremost, is a group of passionate people dedicated to serving their community, and thereby making the world a better place. Here in Aromas we are fortunate to also have a Grange Hall, a friendly, beautiful facility where Grange members and other community organizations can meet and gather for all kinds of events and activities. At the state and national levels, the Grange is a non-partisan political lobbying organization, one that historically focused on protecting the rights of farmers and other small landholders and giving them a political voice. In California, the Aromas Grange is partnering with other action Granges to help return the larger Grange institution to its populist roots. Click here to learn more about the California State Grange. In Aromas the Grange is at the heart of an active, thriving community. If you want to know what’s going on in town, come join us and find out! We meet on the second Friday of every month, with a potluck dinner starting at 6:30, the business meeting starts at 7:15.